Conference Halls

A conference hall (A/c) comprising of all the recent technologies like Multimedia Projector, Colour TV and Overhead Projector to enrich the programmes. This hall is utilized for Faculty Development Programmes, Students Paper/Project Presentations, Experts Talk, Personality Development and Film shows for Communication Skills, Association Meetings etc.,

A Mini conference hall (A/c) comprising of all the same recent technologies is used for Knowledge Lectures, Students Project / Seminar Presentations, Students’ placement activities and interviews, Students Group Discussions, Students Viva-Voce, Faculty Meeting etc.,


The hostel serves as mélange of various cultures and nationalities. The students are encouraged to work out their own menus and programmes.

The special facilities provided in the hostels are:

  1. Modern Kitchen equipment to cook and serve hygienic food and special food for sick students as per doctor’s advice.
  2. Mineral water and uninterrupted power supply is provided in the hostel.
  3. Intercom and medical facilities are also provided in the hostel.
  4. Spacious Recreation Rooms with television and facilities for reading.


Students commute to the institution by college buses free of cost. There are Twenty Eight buses ply from the college to various places like Erode, Salem, Tiruchengode, Kumarapalayam, Namakkal, Sankari, Edappadi, Vellur, Rasipuram and Bhavani.


Free medical treatment is given to our students and faculty in the Dental college hospital. We have 3 residential doctors to cater to the medical demands of our campus, with inpatient block for medical observations. Besides, treatment is also given to people in and around this area. A Medical shop comprising of general medicines is also available in the same block.


There is a Branch of a Nationalized Bank in the campus in order to facilitate the money transaction of the staff and students. ATM Facility is also provided by the Bank. It works on all working days except on Government Holidays.


An underground cabling system is installed with 1000 kVA capacity for power distribution. A generator capacity of 1380 kVA is installed for round the clock uninterrupted power supply.


Healthy body gives healthy mind. Exercises and body building refresh the mind for better perception of knowledge and education. With this notion a modern Hydraulic Gym reflecting global standards is open for the students from morning 6:00-7:30am and evening 4:00-6:00pm. It can accommodate more than 30 members at a time.


Refreshment canteens and cafeterias operate in various corners in the college premises. They offer refreshment food to the students. A Bakery also provides fresh cookies and bakery products.


There is a post office in our premises enabling the students to have communications in and around the country. They also promote the students to save money through various schemes offered by the postal department.


K.S.Rangasamy College of Arts and Science has established a well-planned System for up-keeping the physical, academic, and other support facilities in the campus. All Laboratories in the college are well furnished as per the academic requirements and statutory rules. Each Department maintains a separate stock register. Regular maintenance of equipment is done by laboratory attendants. Annual stock verification is done by the Head of the Departments concerned. Qualified Technicians and Electricians are appointed to ensure the smooth running of the laboratories. A team headed by a qualified librarian makes the college library an epitome of academic belligerence. Fully automated Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facilitate the easy location of books that are categorized and cascaded according to subjects and titles.

The book stock is continuously updated. The library uses barcode technology for easy transactions. All the matters related to sports like organizing, planning, and conduct of competitions are done by the Physical Education Department of the college. Required sports articles are purchased and maintained regularly through competent suppliers. The equipment in the fitness center is maintained and serviced by authorized dealers. The classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors maintained by the college technicians. Management makes sure that an ambient environment for academic performance is ensured to students. The maintenance of buildings and classrooms is done under the governance of the college-appointed qualified engineer. Classrooms and premises are cleaned on regular basis by the team of cleaning staff headed by a supervisor. College premises are frequently used by National Service Scheme groups for the conduct of social awareness programs in coordination with various departments of the College.

Classes are conducted for school students on yearly basis to make them aware of the options in higher education. Yoga and Meditation classes are conducted by different social service groups. The College premises are used for various State government exams, Police, TNPSC and exams for distance education programs of different Universities. Maintenance of several gadgets including the generators, Reprography machinery, computers, printers, CCTV cameras, audio systems, and fire seize equipment, air conditioners, and water purifiers are done regularly by the college appointed technicians and by the personnel of service providers when required. Separate restrooms are available for the staff and students of both gender and are cleaned regularly as per duty schedules. Incinerators are effectively used and cleaned.

The following points will be incorporated into the above paragraph with a suitable place:

  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system used to manage and maintain the functions of a college academic activity effectively.
  2. The security of the campus is maintained by the Security Guards appointed by management.
  3. The various facilities like reprography, canteen, stationery, Post office, Bank and ATM facilities are maintained by respective service provider
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