Department of English:

The Department of English is enriched with Qualified and Experienced Faculty, keen on imparting education of high standard. The focus is on the most important skills such as speaking and writing enabling the students to become successful in their professional career. Teaching strategies like Discussions, Debates, Seminars and Literary contests are employed. Besides, advanced technologies in teaching and learning process are used for Effective Communication. Guest lectures by eminent professors are frequently organized. The Jewel of our Department is the well equipped language lab.


To make the Department a full-fledged Research Centre for both Literary Studies and English Language Teaching.


To improve the analytical abilities, communication skills and to prepare them for their better career. To instill an awareness of self-identity and kindle them a thirst for knowledge to develop the competencies of their life.


PEO 1: To obtain a rapidly changing environment through new endowments.
PEO 2: To gain analytical skills in the field of language learning and Literature.
PEO 3: To develop the knowledge on the fields of works, authors, genres, periods and to create an awareness on professional ethics.


After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:
PO 1: Manifest the knowledge in the subject of English literature and Language in different skill sets.
PO 2: Exhibit the development of English language and create an ability to speak and write effectively.
PO 3: Adapt to the situation among the employers, and to participate in critical conversation.
PO 4: Evince the historical and culture range of Language and literature in English.
PO 5: Show the continuous improvement in their professional career throughout their life.


After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:
PSO 1: Facilitate on thinking of various fields in language and literature.
PSO 2: Inculcate profound knowledge of English language and literature.
PSO3: Develop the critical thinking and affirmative attitude towards language, literature, grammar and communication skills.
PSO4: Grasp the ideas on multi-genres and language and its wider level of intellectual, artistic and cultural contexts.
PSO5: kindle them to choose different kinds of subjects for their higher studies.


Candidates for admission to the first year of the degree of Bachelor of English course shall be required to have passed the higher secondary examination (Academic or Vocational stream ) conducted by the government of Tamil Nadu or an examination accepted as equivalent there to by the syndicate, subject to such conditions as may be may be prescribed thereto.



To envisage the department as a Center for academic excellence, professional expertise and contextual research in English studies.


To enrich the quality and excellence of the students including their commitment to critical inquiry, professionalism, interdisciplinary study and innovation. To enable the students to transfer the mechanics of language and literature to their set of skills.


PEO 1: To enhance student's ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by Learning and applying new strategies and competencies in literature and Language.
PEO 2: To incorporate critical analysis and interpretive methods of literature and application of values in life.
PEO 3: To expand the knowledge on theories of literature and language and the use of language in the digital era.


After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:
PO 1: Acquire the language and teaching skills through practice.
PO 2: Familiarize the notions and various perspectives through literatures in English.
PO 3: Adopt about social and moral values of life through literature.
PO 4: Develop their intellectual, personal and professional abilities.
PO 5: Apply the theories in the field of research.


After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:
PSO 1: Impart English language and literature at the college and university levels.
PSO 2: Apply analytical and theoretical skills to do research in language and Literature.
PSO 3: Attain different levels of competence in English language usage and logical Reasoning.
PSO 4: Relate literature and language to its wider intellectual, socio political, Artistic and cultural contexts.
PSO 5: Acquire empowerment through employability skills.


Any candidate who has passed B.A.English or any other Bachelor’s Degree Examination of Periyar university or any other university recognized by syndicate as equivalent thereto shall be permitted to appear and qualify for M.A., English (2 years course-preference will be given to students of B.A.English. Students from other Bachelor’s Degree must possess a minimum of 50% in part-II English. Candidates shall be required to have to obtain a minimum of 40% in UG Degree.