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Sanctioned Strength: 60

To create an excellent computer professionals for implementing real time applications according to the expectations of global standards and make them to involve in research activities towards the benefit of society.
To Provide sufficient theoretical knowledge, technical skills in recent trends to the needs of IT Companies and Research area of computer Science.
To make them strong in interdisciplinary domain for understanding the problems and to give effective solutions.

PEO1: To prepare the graduates to accept new and challenging roles in software Industry and Academia.
PEO2: To provide an excellent environment for effective learning in the core and selected areas.
PEO3 : To gain industrial experience from project development and impart knowledge by motivating the students to take part in co-curicular activities.

After completion of the programme ,the graduates will be able to
PO1: Apply the various kinds of programming approaches in real time applications.
PO2: Perceive the knowledge in Operating systems, Networking and Mobile application development environments.
PO3: Apply the knowledge in Data science and in various complex environments.
PO4: Develop the practical knowledge in accordance with the needs of corporate standards.
PO5: Develop the technical skills in creating different types of real time applications.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PSO1: Apply the effective coding knowledge with successful result accomplishment.
PSO2:Deploy and control the Operating system, networking, cloud environment and expert systems.
PSO3:Manage ,analyze and visualize the Data in different perspectives.
PSO4: Familiarise with Machine learning, Mobile and IOT application development.
PSO5: Apply ethical, professional responsibilities,Project planning and development activities.

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications or Computer Technology or Information Technology or Information Science