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The Department of Mathematics is one among the departments serving the academic needs of the institution since 1995. It offers M.Sc., B.Sc., programmes. In addition, it supports all other courses like MCA, MBA, M.Com. (CA), B.Com. and all B.Sc. courses. It has qualified faculty members who are actively engaged in teaching and research. It is on a relentless march towards academic excellence.

Sanctioned Strength: 164


To provide knowledge of fundamental basic principles, methods, results and a clear perception of the power of mathematical ideas and to use them effectively in modelling, interpreting and solving the real world problems.


  • Preparing the students to cope up with the latest developments and compete with students from other universities and put them on the right track.
  • Prepare the students to play an important role in the context of globalization of Indian Economy, Modern Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Department Acheivements

  • Received Rs.1,71,131 from Science Academies to organize Lecture Workshop on Algebra during May 02-04, 2017
  • Organized International Symposium on Algebra and its Applications on Sep 10, 2016

PEO 1: To provide a degree course, suitable for students of high ability by combining
and relating Mathematics, Statistics and the Social Sciences.
PEO 2: To prepare students for further study or for professional and managerial
careers, particularly in areas requiring the applications of quantitative skills.
PEO 3: To develop their positive attitude, skills which will enable them to become a
multi facet personality shining in any chosen field.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PO 1: Think in a critical manner and recognize when there is a need for information
and use that information for solving problems effectively.
PO 2: Formulate and develop Mathematical arguments in a logical manner.
PO 3: Attain good knowledge and understanding in advanced areas of Mathematics
and Statistics, chosen by the students from the given courses and acquires the
ability to think independently paving way for life long learning.
PO 4: Understand and formulate and use quantitative models arising in social science,
business and other contexts.
PO 5: Apply the concepts to design a Mathematical model and to solve the real life
problems involving the concepts studied in Applied Mathematics.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PSO 1: Acquire the knowledge and sound understanding on fundamentals of
mathematical concepts including quantity, structure, space and change.
PSO 2: Analyze the basic concepts of advanced Mathematics.
PSO 3: Comprehend a range of general skills, to solve problems, to evaluate
information using computers to develop software programming and to
communicate with society effectively and learn independently.
PSO 4: Possess the effective skills to analyze problems in diverse fields such as Science
and Engineering, Education, Banking, Public services, Business etc.
PSO 5: Develop the Analytical, Numerical and Mathematical skills to create
Mathematical Models and improve the problem solving skills to find the
solution to the real life problems.


  • Higher Secondary with Pure Mathematics as one Subject.