Faculty Profile

Department of Computer Science

Sanctioned Strength: 244

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science was commenced in the year 1995. The Department is encircled with hefty equipped computer labs with 689 nodes connected to Internet rapidity of 20Mbps. The academic contribution of the 20 faculty members have revealed their contentment in publishing papers in incongruous National and International Conferences and Journals. The demands of the IT sector are met by conducting intercollegiate meets, guest lectures, seminars, etc. under the association banner TRACE. The department publishes a monthly magazine “Ishare” which provides a forum to discuss information related to IT suite. The distinctive feature of the department lies in holding Conducting Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, FDP’s, etc.The department has produced quality professionals to IT companies who are holding highest positions in India and Abroad.


  • To enrich computer education for rural students, by enhancing knowledge and building confidence for facing global competition.


  • To provide a learning ambience to enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit and ethical responsibilities.
  • To inculcate the latest tools and technologies for software development to cope with current industrial needs.

PEO1: To solve wide range of real time problems in computing by effectively applying tools and techniques in order to cater the needs of industry and society.
PEO2: To inculcate the multidisciplinary approach, professional attitude and communication skills, to develop in their professional career through life-long learning and higher education.
PEO3: To create an inventive career path by applying innovative project management techniques to become a successful software professional as well as entrepreneur.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PO1: Apply the fundamental knowledge in algorithms, programming languages and technical skills to solve problems.
PO2: Exhibit the acquired skills in different domains such as Project Management, Risk Management and Change Management.
PO3:Identify and formulate the techniques, skills, modern tools to solve real time problems.
PO4: Design and construct the software systems of varying complexity with awareness on innovation and sustainable development.
PO5:Analyze the local and global impact of ecofriendly hardware/software applications for sustainable development with professional and ethical responsibilities.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will beable to
PSO1: Define the essential working principles of hardware and software systems.
PSO2: Apply design and development strategy in the creation of software systems.
PSO3:Develop independent thinking, possess problem solving skills and excel in the capability for self-learning.
PSO4: Use knowledge for the development of real time applications with innovative ideas and emerging technologies.
PSO5: Understand and formulate professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities for the computing profession. 

Eligibility (B.Sc Computer Science)

A candidate who has passed in Higher Secondary Examination with Mathematics or Business Mathematics or Computer Science or Statistics (Academic stream or Vocational stream) as one of the subject under Higher Secondary Board of Examination, TamilNadu as per norms set by the Government of TamilNadu or an Examination accepted as equivalent thereto by the syndicate, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed thereto are permitted to appear and qualify for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree examination of this university after a course of study of three academic years.