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Department of Chemistry

About the Department

Department of Chemistry in K.S. Rangasamy College of Arts and Science was established in 2010 with B.Sc Chemistry. The M.Sc Chemistry was started in 2012. Chemistry UG program compromises a broad range of subjects. It is convenient to divide the chemistry subjects into organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry and spectroscopy.

Chemistry has a reputation for being Life Breathe of Humanity. Chemistry is important because everything you do is Chemistry. Skilled chemists are in the need of current scenarios, required to work in production, process and research & development.

A team of 8 faculty members works in the department with the spirit of research in the area of Phytochemisty, Organometalic Chemistry and nanochemistry

Sanctioned Strength: 44


To nourish the students with unique proficiency in Chemistry with social responsibility for diverse and dynamic world and to produce competent Chemists, Researchers and Scientists through quality education.


  • To promote innovative inter-disciplinary thinking by providing educational and research opportunities between Chemistry and other fields of study.
  • To create a knowledge platform that supports an invent and design culture that empowers students to address and meet the challenges of global significance.


Department Library

Establishment of the Department Library was initiated with the support of UGC-Minor Research Project. This library is very useful to PG Chemistry students especially. The there are 40 books are available at present in the Library.


Research Activities

Faculty members are actively involved in the research. The thrust research area of the faculty members are Natural Products Chemistry, Green Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Natural Products Chemistry deals with isolation of bioactive molecules from medicinal plants and its biological studies. Green Chemistry deals with Synthesis of nanomaterials, Characterization and its applications in various fields. Inorganic Chemistry includes, synthesis of organometallic compounds and its medicinal properties.


A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board or an examination of some other board accepted by the syndicate as equivalent thereto with Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and any one of the following subjects namely, Botany, Zoology or Biology shall be eligible for admission into B.Sc., course in Chemistry.