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Department of Business Administration

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About the Department

The Bachelor of Business Administration at K.S.Rangasamy College of Arts and Science was established in the year 1996. It is a three year Under-Graduate programme for students who wish to pursue their education in management. The course aims at explaining the business environment of the public and private sectors. It helps the student to develop decision making ability in real time business situations. It also focuses on developing operational and analytical skills in students to tackle business problems in different sectors. A wide range of opportunities open in front of the students once the course is completed. The best part about the programme lies in the fact that the students get a general overview about the various tactics of managing and running a commercial organization.


  • To disseminate business knowledge thereby developing entrepreneurs and business leaders who create value to their stakeholders and society at large.


  • To provide an education which focuses on theoretical exploration, professional knowledge and business ethics.
  • To inculcate real time business experiences to develop leaders who can meet the future challenges.

PEO1: To equip with requisite business knowledge, skills and attitude which make them efficient business leaders.
PEO2: To enhance communication skills and high levels of proficiency that leads to successful business career.
PEO3: To create ethical and committed corporate citizens who contribute to the organization and the community in an effective manner.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PO1: Apply business knowledge to solve business problems effectively.
PO2: Demonstrate analytical abilities for making business decisions.
PO3: Exhibit Entrepreneurial skills which provide them self-employment.
PO4: Analyze economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business
PO5: Lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals as well as contributing effectively to society.

After completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to
PSO1: Exhibit the analytical, problem solving, decision making, leadership and communication skills in various functional areas of management.
PSO2: Analyze the multicultural business environments, ethics and management practices in the global context.
PSO3: Identify, evaluate and analyze strategies for better business performance.
PSO4: Apply a variety of computer applications required to address business needs.
PSO5: Demonstrate the skill in applying professional standards, theory, and research to address business problems.

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