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  • Uravugal club started on June 2006 with a mission to indulge students in social welfare.
  • Various department faculties and students are the members of the Uravugal club.
  • The club started its service by providing Grossary items for the “Little Sisters of the poor home for aged”, Thindal, Erode, on September 2006. Again three times it served them in the same way.
  • The club helped a physically challenged student by giving her Calipers. Uravugal extended its helping hands to physically challenged peoples in the way of selling the crafts made by them among students.
  • The club contributed around Rs.1,52,346 for various needs like accidents, higher education etc.,



  • This club was started with the students of Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. 43 students joined the club when it was started on 31, December 2009.
  • The club was started for the following
    • To Create awareness about the world we live in
    • To Conduct day/night observations of Sun, Moon ,Planets, Galaxies, Stars and Comets
    • To Train the students to give lectures on several topics related to Astronomy.
    • To Conduct photo Exhibition and day observations during Solar Eclipse .
    • To Night observation during special astronomical event.

The club was organized 7 night sky observations, 2 guest lectures ,many power point presentations and exhibition. At present there are 160 student members are actively working in the club.


  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Planning and Evaluation Committee
  • Research and Development Committee
  • Curriculum Development Committee
  • Grievance Appeal Committee
  • Academic Audit Committee
  • Extra Curricular Committee
  • Library Committee